Brownie’s Motivation Monday

Positivity While Enduring.


We all have and will be faced with scenarios where our virtues and goodwill will be tested; even our faith in God tested but we have to decide how we’ll deal with these situations and if we keep the faith. One needs to learn to keep holding on because these trials are temporary. And while we hold on, we need to keep being positive. It’s been said:

Patience isn’t the ability to wait but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.

This also applies to endurance. We can’t say we’re enduring a situation while we’re busy complaining about and focusing on the discomforts of the situation. If that was endurance, then we all endure even without trying. Considering the current economic situation of the country, we’re left with no choice but to go through discomfort but instead of patiently enduring, people complain and are most times pessimistic. It’s quite unfortunate that very few people realise that discomforts are are only a phase and if we can go through them, we’ll end up a lot more better off. If we keep in mind that it’s a phase and focus on the brighter future ahead, it’ll help. There’s no assurance things will get better but a life without risks is no life at all.


Sometimes, while you endure your own situation it sometimes seems others are having things easy. This is quite untrue. We’re all going through something. Even those that seem like they have their whole lives figured out have their own issues to handle. Particularly, those who are always thankful are the people we should look up to while enduring. While going through unpleasant situations, we must learn how to be thankful to God because what you might call uncomfortable is someone’s dream.

Just keep the faith and keep doing good. It all pays off eventually.


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