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I have to say that this weekend has been one of the most boring ones I have ever been through. LOL. Anyways, over the course of the weekend, I got asked what my take on life is and the only thing that popped in my head is that it’s a phase. I’ve always known that, but apparently the world needs to know too.

Everything in and about life is temporary. It all passes eventually. It might pass by ceasing to exist; other times and more often, it’s a transition. That thing changes.

It will all pass. Eventually. Just like the boring weekend; it’s passed. The day before has passed. The breath you took ten seconds ago has passed.

Now success isn’t easily attainable. There’s gonna be bad times. A lot of them. Look at everyone who’s Successful now. Not one of them will tell you they had it easy. They all have stories to tell, hardships they faced and pain they endured. But just like every other thing, it’s all passed and now they have their success story. When there’s hardships and obstacles, the future often looks bleak, dark and empty. It looks like there’s no guarantee but trust me, like every other thing, it’ll all pass.

Consistent work, determination, commitment and a bit more positive endurance and in the end, those past situations are worth it.


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