Brownie’s Motivation Monday – Keeping the Faith

Brownie’s Motivation Monday

Keeping the Faith

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Close your eyes. Think of all the things you believe are going to happen but you haven’t seen signs of yet. Think of all the things that seem unclear to you but attainable. Then say them out loud not as a probability, but as a certainty. Instead of saying ‘I will’, say ‘I am’. Instead of ‘I can do’, say ‘I have done’. Then open your eyes.

That right there, was a display of faith. Faith is believing in the existence of things that haven’t been seen and in the occurrence of that which is  yet to happen. Faith is a powerful tool. It’s the key to an optimistic and satisfactory life. Faith helps bring even the farthest of things closer.

It all seems pretty easy right? All you have to do is imagine a bunch of stuff that isn’t really there and it’ll show eventually; yeah? Well let me tell you that’s a lie. It seems like it’s all straightforward but it really isn’t. This is because over time we’re all going to have our faith tested. At some point or another in everyone’s lives one’s faith is going to falter – it’ll shake and waver – but it’ll be up to us to hold on and keep the faith. Faith is easy to start but difficult to hold on to. It’s a lot of work to keep but if you you hold on, the outcome is beyond desirable.

I know you’re going through things right now and the only comfort you have is the faith of what the future holds. Trust me; you have to hold on to that. You need to keep believing in that. You can’t just start believing and give up on it halfway. That would be a waste. So hold on. It’ll all be over soon. And the faith, coupled with positive endurance will all pay off in the end.


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