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Hello girls, boys, ladies, gents, men, women, and, as the world seems to be slowly including, others. I guess y’all understand that I’m recognising every one of OKpadi’s readers and viewers. Yup. Nobody’s left out.

Again, y’all are welcome to this segment I could have done a better job naming. I know what you’re thinking. Shouldn’t this be like a once in a while kind of segment? Why’s she back so soon? Personally I’m just wondering who on earth has such an infinite supply of wisdom on matters of the heart(cause it’s definitely not me). Anyways, yes, this segment is a regular.

But I just said I lack the supply of wisdom on matters of the heart so how’s this segment a regular?

Well, I’m going to be relying on you guys for that. I only know what I experience and I only want to share what you all want to hear. So, it’ll be awesome if you all chirp in. Engage in this segment.

Don’t say no to these adorable eyes mbok🥺

Comment opinions, feedback, experiences, questions, whatever it might be that you want me to know or answer. If you’re uncomfortable with how what you want to say might look, you can always leave an anonymous comment or text me privately. There are links to my Twitter and instagram at the end of this post. I only know so much and have just my own perspective but all of yours included in this segment can make it amazing and realistic. I believe by now all of you would have realised that this post has nothing to do with me asking you to put a ring on your partner’s finger.

For where??

You’re only allowed to do this when you’re good and ready and also when you think your partner is too. After all, no body likes to be turned down.

So no. This post had nothing to do with telling you to get engaged.

But it also kinda did. Once again, I deliver two in one😌

It would mean an absolute lot and also help us all learn so why don’t you leave a comment right now or visit my social media @brownie_vocal on Instagram and Twitter.

Pizz out y’all. Until next time.


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