Hello girls, boys, ladies, gents, men, women, and, as the world seems to be slowly including, others. I guess y’all understand that I’m recognising every one of OKpadi’s readers and viewers. Yup. Nobody’s left out.

Again, y’all are welcome to this segment I could have done a better job naming.

Based on my use of my typical greeting, it’d suggest I’m happy to be addressing y’all again. But truth is, I’m not.


I got almost no responses from y’all regarding my last post. After all the begging, pleading and even using the puppy dog eyes from a cat(ironic, I know), y’all still barely reply me? Evil. EVIL!

I choose to believe that you all instead were to busy, couldn’t find the links or just didn’t look well. Well, I’ll tell you again. The links are at the bottom of this post right next to my picture.

yup! That beautiful damsel is myself

If you won’t at least help me help you, then share with friends and others who will. It would mean a whole lot.

By the way, I’m basing today’s ‘lecture’ off of your unresponsiveness. Every once in a while, (especially after reading my first post) your partner chooses to do something nice to and or for you. Most of the time. We all brush this off thinking they’re supposed to do it or by feeling entitled.

Yes. As your partner, they’re supposed to put in effort but that doesn’t give you a right to let it slide or be unappreciative. RESPONSE is needed. A simple thank you and/or I appreciate it would suffice.

Just like moans are the response for when they’re hitting it right

Appreciation isn’t the only form of response though. Expressing discontent is also one. Now I’m not telling y’all to engage in a full on brawl, but, I am telling you to argue it out. There can be no peace without a bit of war. Humans can only understand what brings peace when one party tries to be at peace with the other the wrong way and the other party expresses that it is the wrong way. Simply put, you’ll only know what pisses them off when you actually piss them off and they’ll only know what pisses you off when you show that your pissed off. Explain that what they’ve done doesn’t cut it for you and they’ll know from then on to never do it.

That is RESPONSE. Try a bit more of it but I’m not asking you to go all excess either. None of those violence stuff or obsession either. It’s important to take all of my advice on a balanced scale and trust me, they’ll do wonders.

Until next time.

Over and out.

Voted Thanks!

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