HONESTY 2: GIVING AND RECIPROCATINGHello girls, boys, ladies, gents, men, women, and, as the world seems to be slowly including, others. I

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Hello girls, boys, ladies, gents, men, women, and, as the world seems to be slowly including, others. I guess y’all understand that I’m recognising every one of OKpadi’s readers and viewers. Yup. Nobody’s left out.

Again, y’all are welcome to this segment I could have done a better job naming.

A little recap, why don’t we? In the last post, we talked about Honesty and we are still on that.

I remember telling you to only choose people that are honest with you, but I don’t remember telling you the importance of you being an example first.

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And she be claiming she says all and knows all and yen yen yen

Life is a cycle. A frigging boomerang that’s always there to slam right into your face.

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This, over here, is life. And the force of that slap depends on what you’ve given as well.

It slams with as much force as you send. The nature of your boomerang depends on what you’ve given out. Life is ready to bitchslap you into the middle of next week if it has to.

You can’t constantly give out lies and expect that life would give you someone who will be honest with you all the time. Even if you’re lucky and life shows you mercy…

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…you’ll lose it in the end if you don’t learn to appreciate life’s gift and give back what it gives you. If you have someone who constantly trusts you while all you do is lie, there’s no way in hell You’re going to keep that person.

It’s starts with you. Or at least it’s up to you to reciprocate. You know it’s better to start it though.

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So why don’t you determine today how hard life is going to hit you with dishonesty or if it’ll even hit you at all. Don’t expect what you don’t give.