Hello girls, boys, ladies, gents, men, women, and, as the world seems to be slowly including, others. I guess y’all understand that I’m recognising every one of OKpadi’s readers and viewers. Yup. Nobody’s left out.

Again, y’all are welcome to this segment I could have done a better job naming. Still the cliché greeting, yes, but we’re done with that one topic I had to expatiate 3 times…

Eez actually up to you people. If you bring it up again, we’ll go back to it.

Letting go off that, we’ll be addressing something else I got from someone. Agreement. Accordance. Concord. Consensus. Compromise if you may.

You must have figured out that I know English by now. Sorry.

Anyways, I guess what I’m telling you is, do not enter a relationship that you’re not ready to give up certain things(mindsets and orientations) for especially if that person’s is completely different. Lately, a lot of us skip this stage of getting to know each other before jumping into relationships.

The man is most of us and the fence that crucial stage of getting to know our partners.

Love(or attraction)is a powerful emotion and makes people do things. It’ll make you lose your senses and it’s able to make you let go of certain ideas just to please your partner. That’s compromise. That’s the whole point of that first stage. They must both get to get to know each other first so they’d know if there’ll have to be compromises and what kind those compromises. When they know, they decide if they want to make said compromises because despite the power of love, We’re still human , hence, still selfish. The two parties should only come together if they have common ground and basis on which their love/relationship is built. They must agree, most times at least. Yes, there’ll always be individual differences but they must both be willing to reach compromises that protect both interests. They have to both set aside their selfish interests if they’re really going to make things work. There’s a difference between compromising and being a plain idiot. If something is clearly for your own good and perhaps even the good of both of you and your partner and they expect you to give up that for them, that’s not compromise, that’s being a slave. Yes, setting aside your ego is a great help, but only if it makes sense.

Kelvin Hart
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