Hello girls, boys, ladies, gents, men, women, and, as the world seems to be slowly including, others. I guess y’all understand that I’m recognising every one of OKpadi’s readers and viewers. Yup. Nobody’s left out.

I welcome y’all to this segment I choose to call Do It Better -Love. From that oddly transparent name, it’s only natural that y’all decipher the fact that I expect you to have some mind blowing epiphanies at the end of every post in this segment…or not…I mean who am I to tell you how to live your lives let alone how to love those around you; after all, I’m just a writer with my own perspectives, but, trust me when I say even though my perspectives might differ from that of most of the rest of the world, they’re still pretty badass.

Right here, a rare picture of my opinions kicking butt.

Anyway, today, one of my popular-not-so-popular opinions is, just as the second heading says, Experiment more. A lot of times, a lot of us in our many relationships are so used to doing one thing. We love based on this cliché everyday routine that we believe works for us.

Look at this carousel. That’s how most of our relationships are.

We find one horse that we think is pretty and comfortable and we choose to stay on that horse for as long as forever. We go round and round and round and round and round and round(I think that’s enough ’round’s and you get the gist.) in the same spot. Never changing a thing. We do the same routines in our relationship and love lives everyday that it gets monotonous and boring. We forget that there are other horses in that carousel and we can try that out. That one might even be more fun and comfortable than the other one we were riding.

Yes. I said riding; and I may or may not be relating the carousel ride to whatever you’re thinking. Who knows?

Riding one horse in a carousel filled with a bunch of other horses is you just limiting yourself to one kind of fun. It also gets pretty boring.

I don’t have a problem with Romantic clichés. Trust me, I love them. But every once in a while, I also want you to suddenly take my head out of the romance novels and into the mystery books. Do something uncalled for.

I said Uncalled for. Not insane ooo. If you do something that results in death or injury to anyone, I’m not the one who gave you advice.

By uncalled for, I mean changing a few things about how you normally handle things. Choose to give her a massage(even if it’s really terrible) out of the blues one day. Show up with flowers and food at her work or school to pick her up as a surprise. Girls, show up with something you know is his comfort food or item because it isn’t only boys that should do work. I know this particular advice will even reveal those that are really into you or not.

Imagine catching them with Femi or Amaka from next door.

Not only am I giving you advice on how to spice up your relationship, I’m also giving you advice on how to catch cheaters. That’s double the gain.

I’m so awesome. Yes. Praise me, ye simpletons.

Anyways, just make sure you think of something different and try to imbibe that into the relationship. It may or may not add the spice in the stew as you’d like but at least, you know you tried. One thing I know we all appreciate in relationships is effort(from both parties hanty. Don’t sit and expect unku to do all the work…at the same time don’t do too much because apparently, as I’ve recently learned, boys are built for the chase.). Try a little more randomness and improvisation and it’ll most likely work wonders. Or not…

All these ones are just my opinions based on years of experience.

Everyone loves a thrill and they’ll love it even more when it’s from the one they love. So what are you waiting for? Go and do something insane…sorry I meant uncalled for.

Till I find something else to tell y’all, hasta la vista.


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