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Gfactor Properties: Properties Consulting And Real Estate Investment In Nigeria

Real estate remains the purest and most secure form of investment known to mankind.

Good as the above sound it is important to note that new home buyers and landed properties investors most often than not get their hands burnt due to improper conducts largely due not to ignorance of various land laws and by law but negligence.

Real estate investors and first time home buyers must, therefore, shun all form of the negligence of not deploying the services of a real estate consultants in order to be able to make informed investment decision both in the real estate primary and secondary market.

Don’t judge an investment opportunity on the face value beyond that promo offerings are other intrinsic conditions that only an independent consultant who may double as a realtor can furnish you with details information which is helpful to first time investors who have little or no knowledge at all as to the processes involved in land or landed properties acquisitionSafety measures are better than rescue measures.

gfactor properties

Safety measures demand that you make an independent search about the integrity of the real estate company who you are about to transact business with.

Who can better advice you independently without fear or favor if not a real estate consultant who doubles as a realtor? Contact us at Gfactor properties consulting to lead you through your real estate investment in Nigeria or services includes primarily;

Property consultant

Property management

Land and landed properties sales

Real estate network marketing

Land banking advisory services.


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Gfactor properties consulting
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