Health Talk: My Mouth Or Body Odour Encounter

My Mouth Or Body Odour Encounter

Last Sunday, I went to an event. It was a red carpet event; an Award presentation to be precise.
I was so carried away by the beautiful and colourful setting of the hall. The serenity was so welcoming.

I had barely seated when a guy already well positioned close to my seat, said ‘Hello”.  At first I couldn’t believe what I perceived, well maybe someone farted mischievously, I murmured to myself.
Few minutes later, he dared to ask me to pass him the magazine I was holding so he could flip through. 

Poor me! I didn’t hear him clearly, thanks to the noise coming from the live band set right beside the stage. I waved to him that I didn’t understand his request. 

Chai! He drew a little closer to whisper into my ears. Ha! So sorry to say, but meeehn! That was the worse mouth odour I have ever  perceived in my life time. For the next 5 minutes, I couldn’t breathe again. I held my breath for so long that I almost choked.  Tears rolled down effortlessly. 

How I survived with him sitting next to me for the two hours the event lasted was indeed a miracle and a story for another day. 

Seriously, this is not a laughing matter.  The guy breath smells like one who ate soured beans garnished with rotten egg, then used gutter waters to wash it down.

It was indeed so painful, because this same guy would have a girlfriend (or girlfriends) that he kisses and romances and even makes love to, so how come she or they are not complaining or have even proffered solutions to his irritating mouth odour. Nawaaoh!!!

I keep wondering when our young men and women would read, learn and practice good things they read online or even on papers.

If both the young and old men of nowadays would take come personal hygiene lessons seriously, the world would be a better place.First of all, Your teeth, your armpit, private part, ears, nails, deserve extra concentration when bathing.

Use antiseptic soaps when you notice you have started having an unpleasant odour.

Then the use of deodorants and nice perfumes help to calm down bad smells. 

Lastly, cloths; don’t wear clothes that are still wet. No matter how little. Instead, iron them to dry off before putting them on. 
NB. If it gets worse, please visit your doctor for a thorough checkup.

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