How To Know When She Doesn’t Care About You


1. When you invite her on a date

In Nigeria, when a guy invites a girl out on a date, if she’s the type that doesn’t have any feeling for him, she’s most definitely going to show up with a friend or two.

The idea is to show up and have fun with his money.

The moment you find yourself in such a situation, just call the date off because you are most likely not to gain anything from the date.

2. When she doesn’t acknowledge missed calls

A girl who is interested in you will flashback when she sees missed calls from you on her phone. But the girl who doesn’t give a damn won’t even pick your call when she’s aware that you are calling her.

3. The manner she replies to your chat

If a girl has some level of interest in you, she will find your chats interesting. The way she holds the conversation will also say a lot.

If she’s the type that replies after several minutes and with single words, then It means you are either boring or she’s not interested enough to pour out her heart to you.

4. When she bills you shortly after staying yes to dating you

A girl who doesn’t give a damn about you might say yes to dating you. This doesn’t mean she sees a prospective relationship with you.

The only thing she sees prospectively about you is that she can milk you for her gain thinking you have become foolishly in love with her.

Once you spot any of the above qualities in a girl you have a crush on, the next thing to do is to call it quits.

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