Khloe Accounts On How Uber Driver Humbled Her

Khloe Accounts On How Uber Driver Humbled Her

The former BBNaija housemate took to Instagram to account how a Uber Driver (Man) humbled her.

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“I’m typing this in tears and anger. 
@ubernigeria I don’t know how you pick your drivers but this people are not human and it’s heartbreaking because we travel and see how Uber drivers in other country treat us . 
So I missed my flight at the old airport and ordered Uber. 
Firstly , I called and he picked and using me to talk.

Secondly , he said I have to meet him where he parked that he can’t come to me 
I was too tired and just want to go home.. I got inside the car after so much attitude but just want to leave because of people trying to say Hi and I’m too tired . He asked where I was going and I said Lekki but want to stop by surulere . Then he said he wanted a long journey cos if he pays for car park he have to make the money back “aggressively “ then I asked if there is any problem ? He replied “problem will arise if I don’t make enough money “ . And I said cancel and let me order another one . 

He look back and said “if only you are human enough you will understand “ and I replied what do you mean human enough? He said I cant understand cos I’m not human. 
I was so mad and asked if he’s Mad ? Next thing he started cursing me ,saying all sorts , sent me out of the car and pushed me to the side . 

The most annoying part is that his friends there that were greeting me and I waved at joined him and said we greeted her and she just waved , so they join him to curse and humiliate me .”am I suppose to knee down and greet them cos they called my name ?” And he said ( yah all celebrity feels like you are god , we are here to treat your fuck up ) . Mentioning names of popular people they have done such too and so on 
@ubernigeria tonight I feel the worse , luckily for me my people were still around so I called them and they got me out of the place quickly cos they were going to jump on me . Just imagine people who don’t have voices or someone around ? 
That’s how people get raped , robbed , beaten , even killed . 
Pls screen your drivers and always ask for reviews .. but what is the assurance they will even get punished after review or report . . 
For me I’m done with UBER 
This isn’t my 1st experience and people around me too”.

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