Young Man Sentenced To Jail After Professing Love For Female Lawmaker (Photos)

Young Man Sentenced To Jail After Professing Love For Female Lawmaker

Female Lawmaker


A young man obsessed with a female lawmaker has been handed a two year prison sentence for confessing his “love” for her.

The 25-year-old Ugandan student identified as Brian Isiko, a student at YMCA Jinja Branch was convicted on his own plea of guilty to counts of cyber harassment and offensive communication after professing his “love” for Kabalore Woman Member of Parliament, Ms Sylvia Rwabwoogo.

He confessed that the calls and text messages professing obsessed love to the MP he had never physically seen, were from him.

According to reports, the female politician who is single cried as she told court that she started receiving calls admitting love from a stranger.

Female Lawmaker

She said that it all started around November 2017, which made her think that someone was intending to harm her. She thought the calls and text messages were a trap her tormentors had set.

“At the start, I took it for granted thinking that maybe it was just a simple call from one of my constituents. Later, the calls became so frequent with the caller making more weird love confessions. I felt this had gone too far,” she said.  “So, I decided to report the incident to Police at Parliament. I blocked his number but the stalker resorted to text messages,” Ms Rwabwoogo testified.

One of his texts that provoked my fears read: “I love you so much and want to protect you. My love is for you alone and since there is no one taking care of you, I will do it. I have realised that you are in deep trouble.”

She testified that when they met, the stalker pulled out his identity card bearing the name of Brian Isiko. Moments later, her guard arrested him.

Ms Kamasanyu handed Isiko two years in prison on the count of cyber harassment and nine months for offensive communication, which sentences will run concurrently.

Female Lawmaker

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