Meghan Markle Holds Back Tears After Serena Williams Loses Wimbledon Final — (Video)


eghan Markle got a little emotional and teary-eyed in the stands after Serena Williams’ loss to Angelique Kerber on July 14 and it definitely reflected the deep friendship she has with the legendary tennis player.

Meghan Markle, 36, tried hard to hold back her tears after good friend Serena Williams was defeated by Angelique Kerber in the women’s Wimbledon final on July 14 and it was truly sweet. The Duchess of Sussex may be a royal but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t get emotional from time to time and after Serena’s loss, she could be seen with a look of compassion through tear-filled eyes as she stood up from her seat and clapped with sister-in-law Kate Middleton, 36. Kate also looked a little upset for Serena in the clip but the tennis champ was all smiles during a post-game interview and seemed grateful for her moments in the big game.

Despite Serena’s good attitude, her loss is quite the upset for her fans since this year was a big year for her in the sport after giving birth to her daughter Alexis Ohanian Jr. back in Sept. 2017. She still gave it her all though and it didn’t hurt to have supportive people like Meghan watch her and cheer her on. The new royal and Serena are pretty close considering Serena attended the royal wedding in May so it’s no surprise that Meghan would be on hand to encourage her friend.

In addition to seeing Serena, Meghan has many other good memories when it comes to her time at Wimbledon. In fact, back in 2016, she made her first appearance at the huge event and it was right around then that she met her now hubby Prince Harry so even though this year didn’t pan out well for her friend, Meghan can at least always look back and have fond memories of her love!




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