Where is Sowore?


With my observation, I noticed that Nigeria youth ex-presidential contestant, OMOYELE SOWORE has been missing from the platform since loss of presidential race.

It’s almost 2 months after the Presidential Election was held across the Country which saw APC candidate Muhammed Buhari emerged as the Winner but ever since then, one of the most important and influential Contestants is no more audible as he was during the Election campaign period.
This is sad as Omoyele Sowore is the hope left for most Nigerian youths. He should be more active as he stands a chance of becoming a great candidate come 2023.
As a matter of fact, Nigerians need him now than ever to address, checkmates so many issues going on in the Country as this is one of the qualities of a good Politician who has the interest of his people at heart.
From my own point of view, any contestant that becomes silent after losing an election only to resurface during another

Election is nothing but a greedy politician who only cares about the Power and Money and does not really care about his people.
Nigerians are already spitting rubbish on Social media saying Sowore is back in the United State enjoying the remaining campaign funds because he’s not really active just as he was before the Election.

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