Who is Diana Debrito? The Lady On Wizkid’s Twitter Profile Picture

Who is Diana Debrito? The Lady On Wizkid’s Twitter Profile Picture

Who is Diana Debrito: wizkid and ddb


The strange girl on Wizkid’s twitter profile picture is called Ddb real name Diana Debrito

Diana Debrito also uses Wizkid as her profile picture on twitter

Well if you haven’t notice the picture of the Diana Debrito on Wizkid twitter page  and picture of Wizkid on Diana Debrito twitter page then you should take a look!, now i guess you have just seen her right?

Yeah she goes by the name Diana Debrito, IAMDDB is the lovechild of trap and jazz. Hailing from Manchester, the 21-year-old has an admirable grit which has seen her go from broke and unemployed to one of the most promising rising stars in the space of a year.

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Soaking up influences from her Portuguese and Angolan roots, IAMDDB, real name Diana Debrito, has taken inspiration from Samba, Bob Marley, Nat King Cole and her stint playing with bands in Africa while visiting her dad. Since that trip she’s attended uni and dropped out, worked at River Island and Selfridges, but she’s finally found her calling. “Each and every one of us has that little glimpse of hope and as long as you have that, you’re alright,” she explains. “You just have to keep pushing through the bullshit.”

Actually we are yet to know her connection with Wizkid but as times goes on we will.

IAMDDB also shared a photo she took  with Wizkid at Drakes Scorpion Party, photo below.

Diana Debrito  and wizkid

Her birthday messge to Wizkid

Now with this short piece of article i guess you now know a little about Diana Debrito

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